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Lasting and Permanent Cure

  Lasting & Permanent Cure


 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)


Don’t all religions eventually lead you to Heaven? Sadly, this is a common misconception shared among many in our populace today. In our modern age of political correctness, many have adopted the attitude “You have your beliefs and I have mine. In the end we’ll all end up in the same place anyways.” Friend, don’t be deceived!


Towering far above the morass of religion stands the Word of God. In it’s divinely inspired pages, we find the only lasting and permanent cure for the root cause of all of mankind’s problems–sin. This answer is the person of God’s well-beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our verse tells us that He is THE [only] WAY to Heaven, in contrast to the misconception that has blinded the minds of so many. Unlike many beliefs which either overlook or turn a blind eye to sin, God’s word tells us that in order to get to Heaven, you must have your sins forgiven. That is why Christ came to die upon the Cross, that He might remove the punishment you deserve on account of your sins if you put your trust in Him.

Moreover, the Lord Jesus is THE TRUTH (of God)–everything God wants us to know about Himself He has revealed to us through His beloved Son (see John 14:7, 10). We learn through the Lord Jesus that God is a God of love, tenderness, and compassion. And at the same time, He is also a God of holiness and righteousness. In other words, God loves sinners, but will bring judgment down upon them individually for their sin if they refuse to accept His loving offer of sins forgiven through faith in Christ.


Finally, He is THE [source of eternal] LIFE–you have never truly lived life to the fullest if you are currently not saved. He came down from Heaven to die upon the Cross that you “might have life in (overflowing) abundance”, John 10:10. A long life is not living until you are 70-80 years old–it’s eternal through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Life is not worth living without Christ as Saviour. Friend, why live for a brief moment, die in your sins and be in the Lake of Fire forever when Christ has already died on the Cross to save you from a lost eternity? Repent of your sins. Personally trust Him today–and you will be eternally blessed.

Written by Eddie Wong

Acknowledgement:  The Gospel Web Page

Photo taken by Kerry Bong

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