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    A Love Letter

    My love for you is deeper that the ocean and bigger that the biggest want or need in your head. Oh, if you only knew how much I want to walk an talk with you.

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    I want you to know that I just came to tell you that God really does love you. He sent His Son to suffer, die and bear in Himself the just punishment for your sins.

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    Then carefully put to the balance, at the emperor’s word, gold was piled on the other scale, and for every pound of iron worn in the dungeon, he now received a pound of gold. Do you think that he would wish now that his fetters had been lighter?

  • Nation's Father

    The Nation’s Father

    He came, The Way, The Truth, The Life, to save His people from their sins, Jesus Christ rose from among the dead and all who trust in Him are justified from all things.

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    Mary of Bethany

    Your smallest deeds of love for Christ, which seem to be forgotten,are writing their records these common days in God’s book of life and in the ages to come their story will be read by angels and men.

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    Only God knows everything, is able to do all things, and is present everywhere --- Jesus Christ has power in all these areas. He is God!