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  • Sydney Firework


    Let us ADVANCE on then AUSTRALIANS, ever onward and upward. .... a life time of Australian "fair-go," faith and freedom that has been GOD's gift and grace to me and to so many ... ...

  • jona fish


    This deep satisfaction is readily experienced by those who believe in Christ. It is they who know completely and marvelously that He satisfies the heart and soul of all will come to Him with forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life.

  • life-savor4


    How can we find the way of Life? A way that leads to lasting satisfaction, to genuine happiness and something that is really worthwhile. Jesus was himself The Way.

  • love-seek4

    Love Does Not Seek Its Own

    Jesus lived His life for others. He never sought His own welfare, but always the welfare of others.

  • 20151202_law-6

    Absolute Authority

    Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament by being its fulfilment. He did not simply teach it fully and exemplify it fully – He was it fully.