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  • LOVE

    Love to God and Christ, love to the brethren, love to all men flows naturally from the heart that has been filled and warmed with the infinite love of God.

  • A Christmas Message

    Jesus in the nativity means God with men. Jesus is recognised as the Christ (Saviour), the Son of God. He has the words of eternal life, to whom shall we go?


    Now here's the message which they brought of peace; Through Jesus death, PEACE, that can never cease; AT PEACE WITH GOD, while dwelling here on earth, Obtained for us by death on Calvary's cross.


    This account reminds us of Jesus Christ Who died for all. He paid the purchase price for our redemption that we might believe, have salvation through Him, and live.We owe Him everything!

  • Don’t Pay For Your  Gift

    If someone gives you a gift, you obviously don't pay for it. How sad it is that people trying to work their way to Heaven when God has done all the work.


    How can we find the way of Life? A way that leads to lasting satisfaction, to genuine happiness and something that is really worthwhile. Jesus was himself The Way.