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  • How Wonderfully Blessed Are the Peacemaker !

    The great enemy of peace is sin. Sin separates men from God and causes disharmony with Him. And men’s lack of harmony with God causes their lack of harmony with each other.

  • BELIEVING GOD Is It Foolish?

    How transitory our lives are ! The dance on the edge of the precipice will be turned into a safe path, which leads to God.


    The lesson is, that the Holy Spirit is our one great resource..... The oil is increased in secret and by use. The more she poured, the more the oil responded.

  • Remember Thy Creator

    Remember thy Creator, Before the evil days; While life is still a challenge...

  • A Beautiful Illustration of Salvation

    We are prone to be quick to judge others and be hard on them, but to go easy on ourselves, when it should be other way round.


    Salvation in the SPIRIT is God's gift —- eternal life, The SOUL is saved from judgment, by looking unto Christ.