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    "He set my feet upon A ROCK and established my goings.” That Rock is Jesus - Son of GOD and Saviour of the world.

  • TIME

    Jesus Christ not only desires you have these blessed moments in time, but He has made a way for you to know and enjoy now and eternity forever.

  • The Wilfully Lost Son!

    Our heavenly Father has great love for each of us. He is watching out for us to return to Him. We need to “come to ourselves ”!

  • The Wheat and the Tares!

    The key to eternal life is in ‘believing’; but not just anything or everything, but in carefully reading the Bible and its teaching.


    You're wearing a suit of armour, With a HOMEMADE label inside, God says we need it, If we would stand undefiled.


    He is our life, our light and our liberty. Blessed, throughout all ages, “If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”