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    Paul Gerhardt was truly a servant of the Lord who knew what it was to actually trust the Lord at all times.

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    Lasting and Permanent Cure

    In the Word of God, we find the only lasting and permanent cure for the root cause of all of mankind's problems--sin. This answer is the person of God's well-beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    How Wonderfully Blessed !

    The great enemy of peace is sin. Sin separates men from God and causes disharmony with Him. And men’s lack of harmony with God causes their lack of harmony with each other.

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    Do you know Jesus as your personal Saviour, He Who died on the cross of Calvary for all? If not, I beg you to be ready and be able to say, “I am ready now.”

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    Love is consistent with kindness but it is not consistent with the compromising of the truth.

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    BELIEVING GOD Is It Foolish?

    It is time to start thinking about how transitory our lives are and about eternity. The dance on the edge of the precipice will be turned into a safe path, which leads to God.