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On Earth Peace



What is this “peace” we hear men talk about?

A lasting rest no trouble can cast out.

Can it be real? or is it just a myth —

Some man-made dream of happiness and bliss?




They join it up with Christ the Saviour’s birth —

A kind of something promised, good, of worth;

A kind of rest, where all’s sublime and sweet;

To weary burdened ones, a sure retreat.






Yet on our looking round we only see

A world of trouble and of misery;

Of wars and strife, of grief and sore distress,

Of hatred, sorrow, pain and bitterness.



Then, what was meant, when at our Saviour’s birth

The angels and the heavenly host came forth

With “Glory in the highest unto God,”

And “On earth peace and goodwill toward men”?



Has God’s plan failed? Or what is there of peace

That we may look to? And in looking cease

To toss around in endless restlessness,

And rest secure, at peace, amid this mess.




God did not say there would be PEACE ON EARTH ——

He saw the whole world underneath a curse:

Because of sin that entered long ago,

This world is full of misery and woe.


He knew that we could never rise to be

Accepted in His sight, and so you see

He sent to earth His blessed ONLY SON,

My Saviour, Jesus, bled and died, ALONE.



To pay the price for sin, the sin that we

Were born in, and to set us free

From that dread curse, that barred us from God’s face,

He suffered for our sin, amazing grace.





Now here’s the message which they brought of peace;

Through Jesus death, PEACE, that can never cease;

AT PEACE WITH GOD, while dwelling here on earth,

Obtained for us by death on Calvary’s cross.



Here GOD has shown HIS GOOD WILL toward men,

Through Jesus’ death, has given life to them,

Eternal life to all who rest in Christ,

Who came to be the final sacrifice.



Then join with me, and loud our praises sing,

To Jesus Christ, the risen Lord and King,

Yes, He is risen, and ascended high,

At God’s right hand, up there beyond the sky.






But don’t stop there, He said He’ll come again

To take unto Himself His blood-bought throng,

That we may join with Him around His throne,

In praise to God, who wrought the wondrous plan.




Let us comfort one another with these words,

And watch and pray and wait our Lords return,

Rejoicing, till our time on earth be done —

At PEACE WITH GOD, through Christ His spotless Son.







Written by :      J. D. Fragar

ePublished by :  2015 © Gospel Attract

With permission from K & M Gibson

Photo by: Tom Wells


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