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Remember Thy Creator

Remember Thy Creator


“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.” Ecclesiastes 12:1




Remember thy Creator,

Before the evil days;

While life is still a challenge,

And passions are ablaze;

Before the light gets misty,

And sight is getting dim;

And all desire for living

Is spiritless and slim.





Remember thy Creator,

Before the cord is loosed;

The thread of life is broken;

The staff no longer used;

When sound of grinding ceases;

With industry complete;

And caskets bearing loved ones

Are carried down the street.





Remember thy Creator,

While memories remain;

Before the shadows deepen,

And life becomes a bane;

Before the soul is yielded,

And flesh returns to dust;

Remember thy Creator,

And make the Lord thy trust.









Written:  Maurice Dyson

Acknowledgement: Post with permission from Herald of Hope Vol.65

Photo by: Tony Smith

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