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Victorious Witnessing

The gospel has the supreme message of hope for all, for it contains the secret and promise of victorious living!
The first century citizens of Rome discovered that in their midst was a company of people who were actually living this secret. This little company of men and women were oppressed, persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and many of them were put to death, but they could not be conquered!
When the Romans drove them into the arena to provide a feast for starved wild beasts and to entertain the local citizens, these men and women went forward singing like victors. When people saw this amazing sight of unconquerable personality, they too craved it for themselves.
The gospel has always spread when it has been a living witness to victorious living. When the message has been downplayed and emphasis has been on secondary, peripheral issues, the gospel message has then been shorn of its power. Today, there are too many places where the world does not see sufficient evidence of the power of the gospel that has a victorious life. Yet, this is what the world needs most of all.
The knowledge as to where this victorious life may be obtained, is still craved today. Men and women are everywhere living defeated lives. They are defeated by their fears, their worries, their prejudices, their failures, their consciences, their hatreds and their sins. They long for victory.
Christ is that victory.
And everyone who personally has this victorious, unconquerable life of Christ is an overcoming witness for Christ today.

— J.A. Short

With permission from CHRISTIAN BOOK ROOM

from THE GOSPEL WITNESS, Issue Number 5

Photo by Clifton Franks

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