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  • Forgiving and Forgetting

    Forgive yourself for past events Trust God for forgiveness and for the future.


    "He set my feet upon A ROCK and established my goings.” That Rock is Jesus - Son of GOD and Saviour of the world.

  • TIME

    Jesus Christ not only desires you have these blessed moments in time, but He has made a way for you to know and enjoy now and eternity forever.

  • Whose’ Love

    Look away to Jesus, think of His warm, tender, undying love for you and your assurance will return.

  • The Gospel in a Nutshell

    Trust Christ today, and you too can sincerely sing the words of the chorus above: That "whosoever" surely means me.

  • Remember Thy Creator

    Remember thy Creator, Before the evil days; While life is still a challenge...

  • A Beautiful Illustration of Salvation

    We are prone to be quick to judge others and be hard on them, but to go easy on ourselves, when it should be other way round.