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Seek and you will find,

Said Jesus long ago.

And many now are seeking

For things they’ll never know.

Some seek after riches,

for all that they can get,

Yet as they seek for more and more,

Their need is never met.

Some seek after worldly fame

And don’t care how tis done

Sometimes hurting others

Often empty when its won.

Some seek after happiness

In oh so many ways

But peace and love alludes them

Though trying all their days.

What is it that you seek
Have you peace of heart and mind
Or do you have an emptiness
You seek, but cannot find.

Jesus is the only one
To truly fill your need
He suffered on a cruel cross
And for all sin didst bleed
We need to put our trust in Him
To make us truly whole
Seeking God’s forgiveness
Gives joy and rest of soul
So listen as Christ calls you.
My dear one, come to me
Then He will fill your emptiness
For all eternity.

by Doris A. Roulton

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