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What Is Christmas — A DAY TO REMEMBER

What is Christmas (click to listen)

Is it just a day at the end of the year,

A season of joy, merry making and cheer?

Is it people and presents and  glittering trees?

Ah no, it is more than any of theses.

For under the tinsel and hidden from sight

Is the promise and meaning of that first Christmas night

When the Shepherds stood in wondering awe

And felt transformed by what they saw.

So let us not in our search for pleasure

Forget our right to this priceless treasure.

For Christmas is still a God-given day;

And let us remember to keep it that way.


(click to listen) A Day to Remember

Bethlehem Ephrathah was a quiet little town

But one day, something happened to turn it upside down.

Caesar gave an order, that had to be obeyed.

The payment of new taxes had everyone dismayed,

Each one to his birth place, to pay them had to go

For some a lengthy journey, hazardous and slow,

Now the town was bustling, people everywhere,

Everyone was anxious, hurrying here and there,

To this scene came Joseph, with Mary at his side.

They could not find a place to stay, no matter where they tried.

At last they found a shelter, humble though it be,

Mary then gave birth and there for all to see.

Let the baby Jesus in a manger full of hay

The Son that God had promised He would send one day.

Angels told some shepherds of the Saviour’s birth,

For this tiny babe would one day rule the earth.

Later came the wise men, guided by a star,

Bringing precious gifts, they traveled from afar.

So we now remember at this time of the year,

The birth of Christ the Saviour and all He came to bear.

He grew up into manhood – died upon a cross of shame,

He gave His life a ransom – glory to His name.


Doris A. Rulton

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