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The Hidden Treasure in a Field!  

The Hidden Treasure



A ‘parable’ is a story that Jesus told to illustrate a spiritual truth. In “Matthew 13:44 to 46” of the Bible we have two more of these.



This parable really captures our imagination! We would be rapt to find some old jewels and gold of great value hidden in our back yard or on our farm!

Most would sell all their assets to own such a field! The field represents the world, and God has a people hidden in this world that He has made a special Covenant with. They are His special treasure!

Almost 4000 years ago, God called Abraham, made a Covenant with him, and promised him a. The land of Canaan (Israel); b. A seed, or many descendants (the Jewish people); c. Of his seed, the Messiah (Jesus) would be born.


Jewish text

The Bible gives us the history of Israel. It lists their triumphs through faith in their God, but also lists their sins through unbelief.




Later, God made a Covenant Law that was given to Moses. The land of Canaan was promised Israel conditional to their obedience to that Law, but they often broke the Covenant, and were dispersed among the nations.

But God’s Covenant with Abraham still stands, and the day will come when Israel will turn to their God in faith, and be blessed nationally.

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No other have survived as a separate people through four millennia; have been subjected to such ‘pogroms’ (persecution) among the nations as the Jews have and still survive with a unique identity; and despite all attempts to stop them, returned to their own land after two millennia.

Like them, tolerate them, or hate them, no one can deny the Jew. Nations and rulers have come and gone, but the Jew remains. He outlasts every enemy! Even though he may not know it, he is God’s preserved treasure, and one day will realise it and come to faith in the true and living God.


Written by : Albert Fairweather

From Series: ” Parables of Jesus ”

Photos by Lan & Bev Lee


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