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The King of Kings  

“For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.” Matthew 6:13


O, sing unto the Lord;

Exalt His Name with praise;

Let all the people worship Him

Who reigns through endless days.




His deeds are marvellous;

Declared for all to see;

His right hand and His holy arm

Hath won the victory.




Sicily & Andalucia 0366


Salvation is declared;

The Lord hath made it known;

His righteousness is clearly seen

And manifestly shown.




Yet mindful of His love,

And long time faithfulness,

Toward the house of Israel

Whom He has sworn to bless.




Sicily & Andalucia 0681 - Copy


He comes to judge the earth,

With truth and equity;

And all the people shall behold

His glorious majesty.




Give out a joyful sound;

Sing with a cheerful voice;

Sing praises to the Lord, the King;

Let all the earth rejoice.





Written by: Maurice Dyson

Acknowledgement:  Herald of Hope

Photo by M. E. Head

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