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TIME a Poem

Into eternity lost for ever
Is the time that now has passed
Every day and every hour
Is now and forevermore lost
But not so the words that we utter
Or the things, that we do
These can live on, unforgotten
So let them be honest and true



And what of the time in the future
The day that has yet to be born
Will it be time that is wasted
Or one that God’s grace will adorn
For God in His love and His wisdom
Holds all our times in His plan
The return of His Son the Lord Jesus
Is promised by God, unto man



Egypt & Jordan 0350

But as to the time of His coming
No man can know of that day
Therefore we all must be ready
Don’t let the chance pass away
Repent and accept Him as Saviour
For now is the only sure time
Then you will know that the future
Is held in His hand so divine.



by Doris A. Rulton

Pictures taken by M. E. Head

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