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A Garden

listen to : A Garden


The beauty of a garden

Gives Joy and Peace and Rest

The blending of its colours

A painting at its best

A Garden

The fragrance of its flowers

Enhanced by morning dew

Affords to us a pattern

Of all that God can do


A Garden 2

Amid this great creation

Given unto man

Unfolding as God purposed

Is Salvation’s plan


T’was man that marred the garden

T’was man that practiced sin

T’was man that broke communion

By letting Satan in

A Garden 3

But God in all His mercy

Driven by His Love

Planned a sure redemption

By sending from above

His Son, The dear Lord Jesus

Who in the day of grace

Suffered for the sinner

In His room and place


The cross now stands between us

And heaven’s garden fair

No pain or sin or sorrow

Ever enters there

A Garden 4

The door swings widely open

If in repentance true

We surrender all to Jesus

And seek His will to do.

by   Doris A. Rulton

Pictures taken by Paul Ding

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