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The Most Important Thing of Life








The real satisfaction, joy and peace are in Jesus Christ. He is seeking you. You are the one He is seeking for.







What would you do if you only have one year left in your life?


This question is asked so that you might take a moment at thought over the most important thing of life.


Perhaps you have a dream, full of hope, looking forward into the future. And you never consider about the root of life. However one day as you leave the campus, you enter society. You might be bruised. You might find failure and disappointment.



Would you like to repeat the same thing time and time again, you endeavour to study hard, to get a job, to make money? And then you become a slave of property and car mortgages. You pursue money, filling yourself with it.


Later on you find that, you come and go with empty hands. You are engaged with work and money-making courses but you neglect the most significant thing in your life.



Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever felt lost?


Standing in a sea of people, have you ever desired for someone who is willing to listen to your soul, amongst all those strange faces?


The world draws us away by a variety of ways. And we are almost reluctant to think about it.


But your heart is calling. You should realize that all these things you’ve been pursuing were the same things people earlier pursued. They had them, and were unsatisfied.


It is written in the Scripture:” There is no new thing under the sun. All is vanity”. This is a way leading to death yet people considered as good.


Actually there is a new and living way and it tells you where you should go. It’s a way you have been seeking, a way that God who made you and me had prepared for us, through His son Jesus Christ, leading to eternity.



Our Father in heaven is calling for you. He said:” My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways.”(Proverb 23:26)


It’s not the money we earned in the world that matters, neither is the fame, honour nor satisfaction of flesh. It’s the comfort and satisfaction of soul that matters.



In this world you might have a moment of happiness, but it’s very temporary, like a shadow. The real satisfaction, joy and peace are in Jesus Christ. He is seeking you. You are the one He is seeking for.







Written:  Frank Guo
Translated: Bether Chen
Pictures taken by A.A. Chu





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