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Blessed Saviour



listen:  Blessed Saviour


Oh my Saviour, let it be,

That we offer praise to thee,

Who hast bought us with thy blood,

Thou didst make our peace with God.



For sinful man can never be

Redeemed from sin, but as by Thee;

Thy cruel death on Calvary’s cross

Frees from sin’s eternal loss.

Thy sacrifice did banish sin

Before God’s face, and bring us in.

To us who rest in Christ our Lord,

He justifies before our God.

No work of man could ever bring

Acceptance, for ‘tis found in Him

Who died to put away our sin,

And rising, justified again.

So now to Christ our righteousness,

And that by grace, we would confess,

We never could have been brought nigh,

Except our Lord did bleed and die.



By J. D. Fragar

Post with permission from K. & M. Gibson

M. E. Head Photos

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