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A Teacher’s Prayer

A Teacher’s Prayer

Dear loving Father, guide my heart
Wherever I may be
To always teach each child I meet
To look to Calvary
To see Salvation in your Son,                    Proverbs 23:7a
As shown within your Word
Forgiveness through His precious blood
Before all else be heard.

That I may speak this simple truth
And speak it from the heart,
The Holy Spirit touch my lips
This message to impart.
To never teach a little one                           Matthew 12:35
To look to man to guide,                                Luke 6:45
But always pray in simple truth
That Christ be glorified.

Thus let it be that from my lips
May always come forth praise,
To teach this little ones each day,
That ONLY Jesus saves;
That from His death on Calvary’s cross              Hebrews  13:15
Springs forth Eternal Life,
Thus may my aim while here I teach
Be ALWAYS,  Jesus Christ.


J. D. Fragar    (with permission from K &M Gibson)

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