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History, Mystery, Destiny

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Long years ago on Calvary, my Saviour bled and died;

He paid the price God’s law demands for sin, none can deny.

Salvation through His precious blood, some say it cannot be,

But yet it is recorded, yes, this is HISTORY.

Because Christ offered up His life in sacrifice to God

To Jew and Gentile both alike, is proffered life above.

These two, in Christ, are made as one, God says, at Calvary,

I cannot see why this should be, for this is MYSTERY.


God made the plan to bring to man salvation full and free,

Before He made this mud ball, and placed us here, you see.

He planned to bring us to Himself, though sinful we should be;

Redeemed by Christ, His spotless Son, praise Him for DESTINY.


Written by J. D. Fragar

Posted with permission from K & M Gibson

Photo by  M. E. Head

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