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It was so very long ago

The Saviour came to earth,

When shepherds heard the angels tell

Of Jesus humble birth

So long that many have forgotten

Why we celebrate

Taken up with feasting

Gifts — and next years fate ….

But time has never watered down

The all important reason

That God took on the form of man

And lived here for a season

He came to earth to die for us

A sacrifice for sin

No one else was good enough

Our ransomed souls to win

Yes the Saviour paid the price

That pleased a righteous God

Opened up a way to Him

By shedding His own blood ….

So let us stop this Christmas-tide

Restore it’s meaning true

Take up the Love and Peace and Joy

That Christ can mean to you

Give unto others as He gave

Not thinking of the cost

Don’t let God’s greatest gift to man

In revelry be lost

Enjoy a time of happiness

Of Peace and great goodwill

But give the Lord His rightful place

His presence then will fill

Your heart your home and every where

At all times of the day

So have a blessed Christmas

With Christ your Strength and Stay


Tony Wilkin-Smith (Photographer)

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