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Our own wonderful Lord in His consuming passion stooped from heights no finite mind can scale, to depths no finite mind can fathom but He stooped to conquer!

Here then we have the first step in the descent of His long weary, costly search for His Bride. It is tremendous to contemplate. Co-equal and co-eternal with God, of His own voluntary will He makes His choice to take the form of a servant and makes it for eternity!

At last He has reached her. He has come to where she lay. He has taken her guilty course and shame as His own. ….Thank God, His love is stronger than death, waters could not quench it, floods could not drown it (Song 8:6).




For her I became as a Man, a Slave. For her I died a Malefactor’s death. For her I made atonement….I lifted her from the lowest place of shame, condemnation and a future of hell, to the highest heights of My acquired glory.”

I love my wife, I will not go out free. For her I remain a Man, a Servant forever. I have her in My own image, sinless and perfect and throughout the eternal ages she shall be by My side, holy, blameless in love.” What shall we say and do in view of such unreserved love and sacrifice?


May this, the love of Christ so constrain us that we render to Him our love, our lives, our hearts, our all!

It was love that decided that the Hebrew servant would be a servant forever.

It was love that brought Him down to earth to do His Father’s will.

Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.”

It was love for us and me individually, “The Son of God loved me and gave Himself for me.”

Written: John A. Short

Excerpt from “THE LOVE OF CHRIST” Booklet

Acknowledgement: © 1996 Christian Reading Room

Photo by M. E. Head



Gospel Tract Card Series #406

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