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The Heart House

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Once upon a time there lived a man in a house that was shaped like a heart. One evening while he was sitting on his back porch, a dirty tramp came up to him and asked if he could sleep in a corner of one of the rooms.
The owner of the house said, “You may stay tonight but you must leave in the morning.”


heart house

The tramp agreed to do this. When the man asked the tramp what his name was, he was told that it was Mr Jealousy.
When the morning came, the tramp refused to leave, and asked to stay another night. The owner wanted him to go, but was not strong enough to make him go. So Mr Jealousy kept on staying at his house.


One night Mr Jealousy brought home a friend, Mr Selfishness, who also wanted to stay. Later Mr Jealousy brought home three other friends, whose names were Mr Hate, Mr Meanness, and Mr Sin.
The owner of the house grew tired of these bad fellows, and told them that they would all have to leave, because they had almost crowded him out of his own house. They said, “We will not leave.”



The owner of the house then got all the books he had in the house, and looked and looked to find out how he could get Mr Jealousy and  Mr Selfishness and Mr Hate and Mr Meanness and Mr Sin out of his house.
Finally he found the answer in the Bible! God’s Word said that if he would let Jesus come into his heart house, God’s Son would make the other men leave, for they cannot live with Jesus.


The man prayed this prayer,
Into my heart, into my heart,
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.
Come in today, come in to stay,
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.


At once Jesus did come into his heart house, and at once the tramps left.


Since the man now wanted the right kind of friends, Jesus brought with Him His good friends, Mr Love, Mr Joy, Mr Peace, Mr Goodness, and Mr Faith.
You, friend, are the owner of a heart house. Do you want bad tramps to live with you?
If you pray the prayer that this man prayed, Christ Jesus will come into your heart, and bring love and joy and peace and goodness and faith. Won’t you invite Him today?
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me” (Revelation 3:20).

Acknowledgement: Petersham Bible, Book & Tract Depot  (2024)

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