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Jesus and Jim

Jesus and Jim





—   A True Story



 A shabbily dressed old man went into a church building every day at 12 noon and standing there before the cross, waited for a few brief minutes and then went away. He never missed a day, and was always there at the same time.


The church warden, having been briefed by the pastor to check out this strange behaviour, asCanaked
the old man why he did this.


He replied, “I’m not very well educated or able to pray a long prayer, so I just stand here, and say,
‘Jesus, it’s Jim,’ and then wait a moment and leave, but I’m sure He hears me.”





Soon afterwards this old man was knocked down in a car accident and sent to hospital seriously injured.


From the time of Jim’s admission to the hospital ward, the impatient and often grumbling patients became noticeably happier and contented. When asked why, they all said that it was because of the cheerfulness of old Jim.



depicting Jesus commencing his triumphant journey into Jerusalem

What was the reason for his cheerfulness? When asked the reason for it by the nurse, he replied with a twinkle in his eye, that it was because of his daily visitor.


The nurse knew, however, that he never had visitors, and so she asked him who came and when. He simply replied,

“Every day, at 12 noon Jesus comes and stands at the foot of my bed, and I see Him and He smiles and says, ‘Jim, it’s Jesus.’”



From: “Log of the Good Ship Grace”

Acknowledgement: THE GOSPEL WITNESS Number 11

Published by:  Christian Book Room ©2008

Pictures taken by Lance Lee

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