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A young woman named Miss Manning was in love with a young man who knew the call of God, and who had left his home country to be a missionary in a foreign land.

This  young man had written to Miss Manning,

asking if she would marry him. The Letter

He said if he did not hear from her he would consider it a refusal.

Miss Manning sat down and immediately wrote a letter of acceptance, for she dearly loved him. Her brother kindly offered to post the letter for her.

Miss Manning never saw her lover again. Later she heard that he had married someone else.



Twenty five years after this, the Manning family moved into a new home and during that move, an old coat belonging to her brother,


had passed away,

was found, and in one of the pockets they discovered her letter.

It had never been posted!

Therefore, the letter had never reached the man she loved with her message of acceptance to his heart’s desire for marriage.

What pathos is in the outcome of an undelivered letter!


God has given the greatest love-letter telling of His love for all mankind. Imagine if they should never receive it! What if they hear but rumours and silly gossip about God? Such replacements are so damaging and so misleading and false. The great proposal of God’s love for the sinner’s happiness is an offer to be with God together, forever, and ever and ever.

Jewish text

Let us make sure we deliver The Letter.



— P. G. Rehn, Australia

Acknowledgement: “The Gospel Witness” Number 14

© 2009 Christian Book Room

 Tom Wells & Lance Lee (Photographers)

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