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Mary Magdalene

— A true Easter story



Mary stood just near the cross in deepest misery,

The Lord she loved so very much, Had died in agony.

She could not understand it all, Her grief was very deep,

In anguish great she lingered there, And many saw her weep.



She sorrowed through the Sabbath day, But first day of the week,

She went into the garden Her dear Lord to seek.

But oh! The scene that met her eyes, The stone was rolled away

And in the tomb – two angels sat, Where the Lord did lay.




Oh! Where was the master? The precious Lord she sought,

What ever could have happened, She bowed her head – distraught.

Then the angel spoke to her, And asked her why she wept,

“My precious Lord has disappeared Although a watch was kept.”



And as she turned away from them, Blinded, by her tears,

She saw somebody standing near And told him, of her fears

And as the stranger spoke her name, Her heart leapt at His word,

“Mary, don’t you know me,” Yes, it was her Lord.




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“Master” was her joyous cry, As at His feet she fell,

“Mary, do not touch me, But go – my brethren tell.

“Tell them I have risen, From death and from the grave,

That now I have the power, All men’s souls to save.”



And so the gospel story, God’s living word so true

Tell of Jesus glory, And His Love for you

If you truly seek Him, He your name will call,

Kneel at His feet like Mary, Just surrender all.


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     Poem by:   Doris Amy Rulton
     Photos:  Sunbeam Team


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