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All Life Is But A Waiting

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All life is but a waiting.

First waiting to be born

Waiting for our growing

Waiting for the dawn.

All life is just a living

Living through each day

Earning, eating, giving

Living all the way

All life is but a seeking,

Seeking every where

Storing up and keeping

Later on to share

All life is just a meeting,

Meeting friends and foe

Events forever greeting

Happiness or woe

All life is but a Planning

Planning by our God

His love is always crying

For obedience to His word

That’s what living’s all about

That’s why we exist

God wants us back in fellowship

Please do not resist

Repent, and ask forgiveness now

The choice is ours to make

Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary

For mine and your own sake

He then makes all our living

Purposeful and free

Overcoming every sin

In glorious victory.

He makes the time of waiting

A purose for all living

And when a soul is seeking

God will arrange a meeting

Then in His careful planning

Our life will be a weaving

Of peace and joy and giving

Our life in God’s safe keeping.

“All life is but a waiting”

by   Doris A. Rulton

M. E. Head ( Photographer)

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