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What Does Easter Mean To You?

What Does Easter Mean to You

Just stand still and think awhile

What does Easter mean to you?

Is it just a holiday

Or full of meaning true?

Do you think of Christ The Lord

Who died upon the cross?

Or do you think of other things

That only end in loss.

For life is full of choices

And things that we believe

Where we go and what we do

What standards we receive.

God sets out a certain path

A message clear and plain

T’is always heard at Easter

“You must be born again!”

It was for you that Jesus died

He bore away all sin

Easter has new meaning

When faith is placed in Him.

Tell Him you are sorry

For wrong that you have done

Tell Him “Yes” you do believe

He truly is God’s Son.

Thank Him for His sacrifice

For dying in your place

Let Him fill your heart and life

With peace and love and grace.

Easter then has meaning

New life is born in you

Let it bless and guide your way

And seek His will to do.

by Doris A. Rulton

M.E.Head (Photographer)

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