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The Gospel in a Nutshell




John 3:16 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.



This lovely verse is often described as being “the Gospel in a nutshell”. In just 25 words, it captures the essence of the Gospel–salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s a wonderful Sunday School song that aptly summarizes this verse:



2014-01-22 17.49.53

Twenty-five words in John three sixteen;
No greater gift has ever been seen:
Twelve about God, and twelve about me;
Son in the center
, verse sixteen John three.

That “whosoever” surely means me;
Surely means me, surely means me;
That “whosoever” surely means me;
Surely means you and me.



2014-01-22 17.52.10



The first 12 words describe how deeply the God of creation loves all mankind. He demonstrated or proved His great love towards us by giving us a gift, His well-beloved and only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. His sole purpose in leaving His Father’s side was to suffer, bleed, and die on Calvary’s middle cross to pay the price for the sins of all humanity–past, present, and future.



How fitting it is then that the Son should be in the very middle of this verse, just as He is the focal point of all of scripture. He is the great Mediator between God and man. Presently, your sinful, lost condition has made you unfit for Heaven. If you die in your sins, you will come under the judgment of a holy and righteous God who cannot tolerate sin, but loves the sinner. He has freely provided the means whereby you could be saved.


2014-01-22 17.46.16

As a result, the last 12 words tell us that if you accept that Christ was dying on the cross for your sins personally, you will be spared from perishing in Hell for all eternity. You will have eternal life. This is God’s wonderful guarantee to you. Trust Christ today, and you too can sincerely sing the words of the chorus above: That “whosoever” surely means me.



By Eddie Wong

Acknowledgement: Gospel Web Page

Photo by: K.Wu


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