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As the cold and bitter winter will cause the seeds to fall,

Just so our times of trouble should bring God’s Word withal,

But as the seed lies dormant until winter time is past,

So the Word in us may not show life, while e’er our troubles last.


But when the winter’s over, and showers begin to fall,

And the sun shines down in mercy, life comes again to all.

In troubles dark and cold and drear, we seem to stand quite still,

But when the Son of God shines in, with life again we thrill.



Then as the heat of summer brings on desired fruit,

Just so the times of greatest joy cause us to follow suit,

For then we grow and prosper, and live in joy and song,

‘Tis then the fruit is ripened, that bears the seed along.

Yet now we need the autumn fall, to harden up the seed,

For if it fall when half mature, ‘twill die and not proceed.

So we must be established, that we may speak God’s Word,

For what is spoken lightly, will scarcely but be heard.

Just as in these four seasons the seed is caused to grow,

It’s by our hard experience, God’s way for us we know.

God brings in us maturity by warmth and heat and chill,

That we may help another, and offer comfort still.

Then as trouble worketh patience, so experience it will,

And this will bring forth hope in us, assurance to fulfill,

That when we find another whose road is rough and steep,

We can point him to the Saviour, who has the power to keep.

So as along life’s pathway we each uphold the next,

By sharing of their burdens, when with sorrow they are vexed,

The Saviour who has lifted me can also carry you,

And bring us safely home at last, His glory to ensue.


By  J. D. Fragar

Photo by Clifton Franks

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