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listen to: Life Is A Vapour

Just think how delicate this life is,

How easily it is snuffed out.

It takes but a moment for it to end,

In thoughtless or careless bout.

When you get in your car and on the road,

Remember how soon life can stop;

Drive with eternity in your mind,

It’s to God you are facing up.

Are you ready to flip to eternity?

If you’re not, then you’d better prepare,

You know not what moment may be yours,

When it comes, there’s no turning there.

God has sent His Son, and made a way,

For us to be brought to Him,

The death of Jesus on Calvary’s cross

Has paid the price for our sin.

If you don’t trust in this while driving,

Then HELL is just on the bend.

ETERNITY’S such a great question,

You need to think of your end.

By  J. D. Fragar
Post with permission by K. & M. Gibson
Photo by Clifton Franks

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