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Loaves & Fishes

One day Jesus journeyed

To a desert place to pray,

But soon the people found Him

And would not go away,

So He stood to teach them

About the thing of God,

Enthralled, they listened to Him

And took no thought for food.

The day wore on till even,

The town, was far away,

“Lord”, “They have not eaten”,

One was heard to say.

“What have we to give them,”

”Is  there any bread,”?

Asked The Master clearly,

But, Andrew shook his head,

“Just a tiny lunch pack,”

“Owned by a little lad,”

A little bread and fishes

Were all the laddie had.

“Make the people sit,

Down upon the ground

Bring the food to me

Then pass it all around”

So the Saviour blessed the bread,

And then He blessed the fish,

The hungry crowd ate all they could,

As much as they could wish.

Yes, this was a miracle,

Showing that The Lord

Had power over everything,

By His very word,

His word that hung the world in space

That keeps it by His power,

That made the sun, the moon the stars

And every tiny flower.

His word that speaks to every heart

Be it young or old,

Just trust Him as your Saviour

Enter now His fold.

—- Doris A. Rulton
Photo by Clifton Fanks

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