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Each one of us must face our God, not counting time or date,

For He dwells in eternity, as also does our fate.

There isn’t any halfway house ‘tween God and you and me;

We all must meet Him face to face, in His own time, you see.



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The central point in all this world, it is the death of Christ,

God says He died for sinners, and rising brought us life.

Don’t let us treat it lightly, and think to pass it by,

For this God holds men guilty, through all eternity.




For those who lived before Christ died, God gave them sacrifice,

Which only pointed on to Him, as dying in their place.

To us who now come after, God has told us of His Son,

And says there is no other way, Christ is the only one.





He shed His blood an offering, to pay the price for sin,

He gave His life, and died for us, that we might rise again.

Now if I offer anything I think I have to God,‘

‘Tis nothing but an insult to the shedding of Christ’s blood.




So we see when God says Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE,

That He’ll accept no other name, no other sacrifice.

For us to try to pass it by, and bring something our own,

It only can be insult to our God upon His throne.





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In mercy He looks down on us, He knows that we are dust;

He knows that we are sinful, and yet He Himself is just,

That’s why He sent His Son to die, that we might have a place;

Be justified, at His own side, and all of this by grace.






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The Lord Jesus Christ enabled my father to pen these verses over a period spanning more than thirty years, beginning with ‘A Leader Given’, published in a local newspaper in response to an article entitled ‘Wanted – A Leader’ – which suggested that the world needed a leader to solve all its problems.

So began a life-long inspiration to set down in poetic form the truths and lessons he was discovering in the Word of God, with the sole aim of bringing glory to God.

It is his family’s desire that these verses will ‘strengthen’ the reader in daily life, and lead to a richer walk with the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Mrs Mary Gibson






By J. D. Fragar

Post with permission from K & M Gibson

Photo by Clifton Franks

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