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listen to Precious Seed




When we see a tree in springtime, it is glorious to behold,

For in putting forth its flowers, life from the dead is told.

Even so with us, God’s children, come the joyous times that may —

Full of happiest rejoicing, and we praise Him all the day.




Then follows on the summer, with all its burning heat,

It is now the fruit is forming, there is food for all to eat.

But the fruit, the outward covering, is not the vital thing,

It is the seed contained inside, which carries on next spring.



But then we need the autumn, to make the seed mature,

Just so do all God’s children, the same thing to ensure.

So if you feel a cooling down, thank God for lessons learned,

Because by your experience, assurance you have earned.



On being struck by winter’s chills, the cold and frost and rain,

As winter makes the seed to fall, rejoice in this again.

Praise God for spring and summer too, and even autumn’s chills,

Yet when the winter really comes, the seed abides there still.




Then when the winter’s over, the seed, good and mature,

Is ready now to spring to life, new harvests to ensure.

For while the chilly winter’s on, not much fruit do we see,

But the good seed lying dormant, lives on perpetually.




Thus spring brings forth the flower, the summer, tender fruits,

The autumn hardens up the seed, which falls, to keep the roots,

So whatever be your present state, know this, it needs to be,

That you might bring forth fruit to God, throughout eternity.




By J. D. Fragar

Post with permission from K & M Gibson

Pictures taken by Kerry Bong

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