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Listen:  Man Can’t Help


Now man would tell us the way God works

Is to help those who help themselves;

But God says a man can’t help himself;

There’s no value in all his lurks.

While a man can go on and work his own plans,

He is trusting in what he can do;

But this is not what God looks for,

When considering me and you.


A man needs to know, when he’s worked all his plans,

And has found that he still is down,

And he can’t get up wherever he turns,

That if he struggles, he drowns.

For when we are down, it’s a good place to be —

There is no other way but up;

When you have exhausted your own able deeds,

This will cause you in God to trust.



And to trust Him, is what He desires,

For it’s then He comes to our aid;

He tells us that our works are hopeless,

But that His Son, our acceptance has made.



God DOESN’T help those who help themselves,

He helps those who have come to their end;

By providing in Christ, our Salvation,

He’s the helpless one’s wonderful Friend.




By J.D.Fragar

Post with permission from K. & M. Gibson

Photographer: Tony W-Smith


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