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Listen To:   A Glorious Birth


When Christ was born the heavens rang

With glory and with praise

Is it any wonder then

That we an anthem raise

We bless that happy morn

Although so long ago

Lord Jesus Christ was born

Now all mankind may know

God’s love then was displayed

By reaching out to man

Sending Christ as Saviour

To fulfil redemptions plan

To be the perfect sacrifice

That took away all sin

Giving full forgiveness

To all who trust in Him

Follow now that baby born

With footsteps to the cross

Don’t ignore the reason

Or you will suffer loss

Embrace all Christ came here to do

Don’t let it be too late

Repentance true and trust in Him

Will open Heaven’s gate


So let joy in at Christmas

Open up your heart

God’s love will then fulfil you

And never more depart

By Doris A. Rulton
Photo by M. E. Head

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