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Biblical Nest Shakes Her Up

Here is an interesting true  story recorded on a newspaper sometimes ago:
A fine-feathered prophet has the East Park Avenue neighborhood all a flutter.He (or she) left behind a nest made of leaves, twigs, grass, a dollar bill and a page from a tiny book of scriptural verse.

It’s the combination of the last two that has given Mrs. George C. Canipe an eerie feeling.

The two verses from the Bible warn against enslavement to wealth.

Mrs. Canipe. who operates the Dilworth Nursery and Kindergarten at 410 E. Park Ave., said her husband had seen the nest many’ times while mowing the lawn but had not looked closely at it.But while clipping the hedge Thursday morning Mrs. Canipe saw what appeared to be remnants of a dollar bill intertwined in the nest’s structure.

“It really gave me a strange feeling when I read those Bible verses, too,” she said.

Obviously nobody placed the bill and verses in the nest.
Obviously, too, they had been there a long time.
Where had the bird found the dollar? And, of all pieces of paper it might have used, why the Bible verse and where had it come from?
“I know one thing,” said Mrs. Canipe with a not-too-hearty laugh. I’m going to do a little reviewing to make sure I’m living right.”


From “The Charlotte Observer” July 10, 1964

quoted from History Page of “The Little Bible Ministry”

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