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Do You Know Jesus?

Do You Know Jesus?



Do you know about Jesus?

And what He has done?

Do you know Jesus?

He is God’s Son

He gave His life for you

To pay for your sins

Will you open your heart

And let Him come in?

Do you know Jesus?

He already knows you

Just like a shepherd

He calls your name too

Will you just listen

To His tender voice?

He’ll give you far more

Than you may lose by your choice

Do you know Jesus?

O  please, tell me yes!

But if you said no,

Will you stop and confess?

Will you ask Jesus

To forgive all your sins?

Make Him your Lord,

now Let Him come in

Life will have purpose

With Jesus inside

No longer are you lost now

For He is your guide

Now you know Jesus

O rapturous delight

Make Him your all now

Your sins are pure white

Do you know Jesus?

O please, tell me, YES!

Then go and tell others

So they will be blessed





By Veronica Young

Photo by Clifton Franks

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