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The Dying Thief

Here were two cruel bandits, also crucified,
One on either side, Of our loving saviour, when on the cross he died.
One cursed and swore and made an awful fuss,
If you’re so great and powerful, then save yourself  and us!
That arrogance at such a time didn’t sit too well,
And undoubtedly he ended up in hell.

The other though rebuked him, Saying he should be ashamed,
As Christ was innocent and yet by jealous rulers quite unjustly blamed,
So he humbly asked the Lord with a tear in his eyes,
Remember me dear Saviour when you reach the skies.
I promise you Christ answered, Nought else can now suffice,
You will join me this very day in glorious paradise.

God blotted out the sun that day to hide the agony and loss,
Of the last three hours Christ hung upon the cross
Midday became darker than the darkest night,
As his holy soul took up the awesome fight,
The father turned away His holy loving face,
As He paid the price for human sin, For your and my    disgrace,
He entered into hell, but made the tyrant yell.

For he rose again to save us from that pain,
The almighty Creator became the loving Lamb of God,
To save us from the punishment by His precious blood.
Now as shepherd of the sheep, He guides the lost ones them to keep,
To live in peace and joy untold, safe within the heavenly fold,
Safe and secure whatever betide, Forever at his precious side,
His dearly loved and spotless bride.

By Peter Bardsley

M. E. Head (Photographer)

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