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Then carefully put to the balance, at the emperor’s word, gold was piled on the other scale, and for every pound of iron worn in the dungeon, he now received a pound of gold. Do you think that he would wish now that his fetters had been lighter?

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The Light of Eternal Life

A light house is a common sight if you live beside the ocean. Typically situated beside the shoreline, it's profile is clearly visible in the horizon when viewed miles away. While mostly ignored and unused during daylight hours, this edifice's value becomes apparent in times of darkness and storm.

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Repentance from Sin

Repentance is a critical element of conversion, but do not dismiss it as simply another word for believing. Repentance literally means to have ‘a change of mind’, but biblically it also speaks of ‘a change of purpose’, specifically a turning from sin and self and a turning to God for

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jona fish


This deep satisfaction is readily experienced by those who believe in Christ. It is they who know completely and marvelously that He satisfies the heart and soul of all will come to Him with forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life.

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